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      TechExcel's DevTrack Used by Activision

      Strategic Partnership Integrates Best of Breed Technologies for Streamlining Software Development Processes

      Lafayette, California - Feburary 14, 2005 - TechExcel Inc., a market leader in process management tools, today revealed that Activision, Inc. [NASDAQ: ATVI], an international publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment, has chosen DevTrack to standardize its quality assurance testing both in-house, and at several of the company's wholly owned studios.


      More and more, the game industry is using a distributed development model, in which a number of different teams collaborate on a single title. By standardizing on the DevTrack tool, the company is able to provide clear communication, and create efficient workflows between the publishers and studios.

      Activision selected TechExcel DevTrack as the corporate standard for the company's quality assurance-tracking and issue management processes, which are used by more than 750 QA members, managers, and developers throughout the organization.

      "Having our internal QA teams and studio development teams on the same system enables us to improve our communication and more efficiently coordinate our workflow throughout various parts of the company," said Jim Summers, VP of Quality Assurance for Activision.

      "We are pleased to provide Activision with a high-performance solution to manage their development lifecycle," said Tieren Zhou, President and CEO of TechExcel, Inc. "DevTrack offers the power and flexibility needed by development teams, and is particularly well suited to the distributed development environment of so many organizations today."