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      All organizations are faced with problems that can be addressed with agile practices. However, not all companies are ready for a complete switch to an agile methodology. This is especially true of large organizations that have many checks and balances in place that have been developed over many years and experiences.

      A common solution then is to implement agile methods in an agile fashion. That is by incrementally adding agile practices to existing processes over various project iterations. This is often referred to as hybrid development or “agilish” development and it certainly has its merits. Agile frameworks are not one size fits all solutions and what works for some may not work for you. What’s import is to keep the core values in focus and then make the practices and processes work for you.

      Remember to focus on incremental changes to requirements, project plans, and the various development and testing artifacts; get feedback as quickly as possible from stakeholders on completed work; focus efforts on tasks that will add the highest value; and finally, be sure to consider maintainability when calculating artifact value.